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International Association Of Independent Journalists Inc.

Hello, and welcome to the International Association Of Independent Journalists! This is a venue created to fill the need of the small time amateur or professional journalist, who find it hard to show their credentials in their respective communities. In some cases these associations have been declared illegal. In other areas, these associations, guilds, and unions exist, but the people in question do not report for a living, and thus cannot verify their credentials through unions and guilds. So what we have here is primarily a venue; where anybody can join up, submit news stories, and be validated as a journalist. Our sister corporation - International Archiving Of Independent Journalists Inc. - can then be used as the verification tool to substantiate their credentials in person or on-line. We believe that is a fundamental right of any citizen, in any community, to become a journalist; and we will support that with our liberal policies of verifying journalists. We take this seriously, and we hope you will enjoy what we have to offer. It is a support group after all, and we will try to help each other out; to become better journalists, and to support the democratic right to tell the news to our fellow citizens, as we see it.

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