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Reggie D'Souza wins IAIJ Award For Journalism!


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IAIJ - Want To Join? Read This:

IAIJ is a serious enterprise. Our ultimate goal is to allow the ordinary citizen to participate in journalism at the local level. Ultimately, we would like to see our influence in the Third World where a venue such as this would have considerable merit. Therefore, it is imperative that this organization operate and be seen to operate in a serious manner. With these goals in mind; we have placed no restrictions on nationality, age, race, religion, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, political views, etc.. We go out of our way to make this venue as accessible to anyone who wishes to participate. The other side of being this open is that we become vulnerable to all sorts of "unproductive influences". Therefore; we at IAIJ have adopted an - agreement/code of conduct - that all must agree to in order for them to access the application page; clicking the "I AGREE" icon is not recorded anywhere on your profile, it is relatively passive in keeping with the association. It is to let you know what is expected of you when you join our organization. I personally do not like the idea of banning people from our organization, as that could be seen as censoring as well as deleting contributions (this will be accommodated by displaying the contributions on a special area of our sister "news reporting" site called fortressoffreedom.com). However; this association will not end in failure due to the efforts of a few (regardless of their agenda) to turn this venue into a "circus" or association of no merit. With that in mind, here is the IAIJ code of conduct:

Code Of Conduct:

Joining IAIJ; means agreeing to some common, universal, codes of conduct. Every member will be expected conduct their journalistic activities in a professional manner. Every member will will treat their fellow members as they would like to be treated themselves. Members are not to do anything that brings this association into disrepute among the general public. Members will not participate in any activity inside this association that will ultimately destroy this organization. Members are expected to comport themselves as ambassadors of this association in their respective communities.



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