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International Association Of Independent Journalists Inc.


International Association Of Independent Journaists Inc. is a not-for-profit corpporation registered nationaly in Canada. It is an association and support group available for journalists around the world who may not already be affiliated with a union or guild. The website for the association is iaij.org. The organziation works to provide any individual with the opportunity to become a verified journalist by meeting our liberal requirements of one high quality report posted on a broadcast news medium on our site or achived at our organization. We believe it is the right of every citizen to become a journalist; and we enable them with the tools available at our organization. Now for some frequently asked questions:

How much will it cost: Membership cost can be found under "Join Us."

What is the commitment of the founders to the association and database: The commitment is for at least the next 25 years.

Who is eligible: Any adult anywhere in the world.

How do I get involved: Just go to our website - iaij.org and click on "Becoming A Member".

Why are you doing this: We are interested in keeping the ideals of free speech and freedom of thought alive, especially as it pertains to journalism. We support the amateur and professional journalist who desire additional credential verification on an international level from a non-political association.

We trust the following provides you with the information available to understand what we offer and what we are about. We welcome your participation

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